Bill O’Reilly “Retires” To “Spend More Time With Family”…

That is probably what his take on the developing story will be anyway!

For yes, we have a variety of sources now saying that after twenty-one years, Bill O’Reilly is now out at Fox News:


Here is a synopsis of the situation for those who have not been following it:

A firestorm of reports from credible journalists surfaced Tuesday, all pointing to the same conclusion: The Murdoch support that has been keeping primetime anchor Bill O’Reilly at the network is waning, and reports could surface by the end of the week that the O’Reilly Factor star will likely not return to his primetime seat after his Italian vacation.

Why it matters: News reports and advertisers moved Fox before Fox moved O’Reilly.

The tea leaves: Axios’ Mike Allen reports that corporate execs would love to bring in an outside, non-political big name from another network.

The reports:

Per Stelter, 21st Century Fox will hold a board meeting Thursday, and sources say O’Reilly will be a primary topic.

As I see it, its been a question for some time as to when not if he would be leaving. Lets face it, when you are being Cosby’ied viz a viz various women coming forward accusing you of improprieties, that is going to cause problems. When roughly 60+ advertisers pull the plug on advertising on your show despite its consistently high ratings, that means less revenue for the Fox News Channel overall. Folks can spout all the “fair and balanced” schtick they like but in the end, money talks as Milo Bloom loudly proclaimed in a comic strip more than thirty years ago:


Money does talk and in more ways than just advertising:

Sexual assault lawsuits against O’Reilly existed for months, but it wasn’t until The New York Times’ in-depth report on Fox settling $13 million in those lawsuits did the outside world know how bad the situation was. Fox continued to keep O’Reilly on air, and according to Stelter, even recently renewed O’Reilly’s contract with the knowledge that the Times’ story was being written about the lawsuits. The drama into the O’Reilly saga grew bigger as dozens of advertisers pulled their ads from the show, creating a mounting narrative that Fox wouldn’t see the same $100 million+ ad revenue gains from their 8 p.m. slot if they kept O’Reilly on, despite good ratings.

As a rule, someone does not settle when their hands are completely clean. But worry not folks, Donald Trump has said that Bill O’Reilly is innocent so we need not investigate any further!

Hopefully Mr. O’Reilly enjoys his “retirement” and “time spent with the family”{2} but I digress.


{1} “Fox executives are reportedly alarmed by the amount of advertisers pulling from the show, per Sherman, with one noting “It’s worse than Glenn Beck,” referring to Beck’s advertiser exodus that pushed him to leave the network in 2011.” [Excerpt from the Article Fox Considers Future Without O’Reilly As Advertisers Flee (circa April 19, 2017)]

{2} Bill O’Reilly has also claimed as “100% false” previous charges of spousal abuse costing him custody of his kids. Some might claim this is another issue altogether but it attests to a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Mr. O’Reilly which hardly helps his credibility in the current situation.

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