BREAKING: Consulting Firm With GOP Ties Raided by the FBI

Strategic Campaign Group, a controversial political consulting firm with ties to the GOP, was raided by the FBI today (May 11th). The story was first reported by Jayne Miller of television station WBAL in Baltimore.

Strategic Campaign Group is known for working with (and its connections to) Republican politicians and conservative causes.

Members of the FBI taped garbage bags over the windows of the Strategic Campaign Group’s offices to prevent the media from viewing inside.

Later in the day, Ms. Miller dropped a bombshell. There are reported ties between a member of this organization and Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager.

The principal that Ms. Miller is referring to (who we are not identifying at this time) was allegedly formerly a director of a political consulting company ran by Mr. Manafort. The former campaign manager is currently under intense scrutiny for his alleged ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Strategic Campaign Group has also seen its share of controversy. In 2015 the Federal Election Commission began looking into the practices of Conservative Strikeforce, an organization owned by SCG, as a result of numerous complaints from high profile political figures such as former Rep. Allen West as well as a lawsuit from former Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. From Open Secrets:

FEC analysts sent letters inquiring about misreported 2014 expenses by the controversial political action committee Conservative Strikeforce. The FEC notes that the PAC failed to correctly report payments to Strategic Campaign Group, Inc. and Active Engagement LLC, two firms among the group’s largest payees. Strategic Campaign Group partially owns and controls Conservative Strikeforce, according to a lawsuit filed [in 2014].

The FEC’s inquiries draw new attention to a PAC long seen as “stealthy” by some and a “national fundraising scam” by others.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ data, the PAC gave just $62,000 to candidates in the 2014 cycle out of the nearly $3.4 million it raised — less than 2 percent. The lion’s share its funds — $2.4 million — was devoted to raising more funds. It paid Active Engagement $677,427 and Strategic Campaign Group $302,482.

We will update with more information as it becomes available.

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