Briefly On Presumptive Terrorist Attacks and Their Politicizing Thereof…

Dyspeptic rantings from your humble servant...

Disclaimer: This was originally written in the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre and two additional attacks in Edmonton and Marseille. Though circumstances prevented the article from being posted in a time more contemporary to the actual events themselves, what is written here nonetheless stands as an ever-timely response to those who seek to seize on any tragedies be they terrorist or otherwise to use them for political reasons of any sort whatsoever. [Shawn 10/12/17]


As inevitable as inevitable can be, when I saw the news of multiple tragic attacks in Edmonton, Las Vegas, and Marseille over the weekend, I cringed because I knew what was coming. Before there was any information to go off of, the Usual Suspects on all sides would begin trying to use these tragedies for their presumptive political benefit. If I may say unequivocally to parties on all sides of these issues:

To those on the left who think this provides them an opportunity to make another pathetic attempt to push their gun control agenda, kindly…


For those on the right who want to either kvetch about Muslim terrorists or try and pin any of these tragedies{1} on disgruntled Democratic voters, please…


And for anyone else who does not neatly fit into either of the above demographics including the <em>Associated Press</em>, ahem…


I am sure there will be a time for going over these matters, dissecting them, and all. However, there are a lot of things not yet ascertained about what happened. The wounds are still fresh, folks are grieving, and society still is not completely numb to these matters yet. I hope we never reach that point but in the meantime, pray for those who need to be prayed for, make contributions to those who need contributing to, and find constructive ways to dialogue with others on these matters without politicizing them please. One last time…


And for those who did not heed the prior requests, seriously enough already!


{1} I recognize that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the one in Marseille and that the perpetrator there screamed “Allahu Akbar” before committing his heinous acts. But the others are less certain at this point and even on the latter one, can y’all please just STFU for now?

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