Picture of Putin As A Gay Clown Banned In Russia, Internet Responds

April 6, 2017 Nick Weiner 0

Late Wednesday night, news broke that Russia had banned the image of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, depicted as a Gay Clown. According to Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials, the banned picture depicts a “Putin-like person with eyes and lips made up” implying the “supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the […]


Holy Split: The Political Divide Among Catholic Voters

April 3, 2017 Jay Powers 0

As the largest religion in the country, Catholics make up a large portion of the voting electorate. But unlike Christian Evangelicals and Later Day Saints, they voice is unusually divided… and uncertain. Historically, evangelicals and Mormons have voted reliably Republican in local, state, and national elections. On the other hand, […]