Don’t Be A Sucker: A 1947 Film produced by the US Government Is Going Viral Because of Its Relevance to Today


In 1947 the US War Department produced a film titled “Don’t Be A Sucker“, a warning about the ills of fascism. In this scene, a man is ranting about groups of people in America who are, in his view, taking things away from “real” Americans, using language that is very similar to what is used in some parts of the political debate today.

For context, the video was produced two years after the end of World War 2.  During that time, the struggle against the Nazi ideology was still fresh in the minds of the American public.

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy and the re-emergence of white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, it would serve many Americans well to take another look and to heed the warnings said in this video.

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