Holy Split: The Political Divide Among Catholic Voters

As the largest religion in the country, Catholics make up a large portion of the voting electorate. But unlike Christian Evangelicals and Later Day Saints, they voice is unusually divided… and uncertain.

Historically, evangelicals and Mormons have voted reliably Republican in local, state, and national elections. On the other hand, Catholics are reliable swing voters, having voted in majorities from President Obama and President Trump. Long gone are the days when the Church struggled with good and evil, now it’s become a battle between liberalism and conservatism, especially since the election of Pope Francis.

Why then are Catholics so divided and vote so split politically? After all, they have well known “official teachings.” Historically, the Church has long struggled against been large authoritative governments and leaders, very similar to the kind of government many Democrats advocate for.

The Church is very clear on issues like abortion, gay marriage, human dignity, and religious freedom. More importantly the church is very clear in the differences between personal views and intrinsic evils, that is, personal views that can be debated and views that are never acceptable and contrary to church teaching i.e. Abortion; Never acceptable.

The answer to the “Catholic Split” has many sources. Catholics have been persuaded to let secularism overcome church teaching. The church focuses on seeking holiness since peace and justice closely follow. Doing otherwise shows either a lack of belief in the Church or a cultural catholic that is not a true believer.

Catholic division grows with the continued growth of the “church of secularism.” This church of secularism is obsessed in its own missionary work. The “priest” of this “church of secularism” is the leaders of the extreme left which seek to convert those who don’t follow liberal ideology. Since it’s unwise to declare war on Catholicism, they seek to do the next best thing, infiltrate it and change it from the inside. This together with the political correctness makes teaching the faithful nearly impossible and confusing to Catholics.

There is no easy answer on how to fix the issues the Catholic Church in America. As a Church that represents millions of legal and illegal immigrants, as a Church that teaches compassion and love to thy neighbor, and as a Church which has official teachings on many social issues, the answer is not simple. In today’s culture, it’s unlikely the church can accurately walk the line between political parties and ideologies. Keeping this in mind, the Church stick to its teachings and spreading the gospel… regardless, they will continue to be criticized.

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