On How To Interpret The Special Elections Of 2017 (Part I)…

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Jon Ossoff supporter Jan Yanes, center, cries as the Democratic candidate for the 6th congressional district special election in Georgia concedes Tuesday night.

It seems appropriate to touch on the subject of the special elections. Briefly, the GOP is 4-1 so far in them with the only Democratic win being in Xavier Becerra’s old district CA-34. (Where two Democrats contended for the vacated seat.) If the Democrats had somehow lost that one they would basically be more screwed than Jenna Jamison in one of her movies. However, at the same time, CA-34 is D+35 in the Cook Partisan Voting Index (PVI) so winning it for Democrats is nothing to celebrate.

For those who will crow about Republicans winning the soon-to-be-vacated seat of Jason Chaffetz this November; again, this is a slam dunk except on the Republican side with an R+29 PVI so shut it. Lets just call it 5-1 with one open seat remaining in the election year. And as that seat is the vacated senate seat of Jeff Sessions in Alabama, the odds are high that Republicans finish the year 6-1 in special elections. What does it all mean?

Republicans, I will get to you soon:

And McFly, don't go anywhere! You're next!

As for you Democrats, lets dispense with the “moral victories” argument y’all are making. You folks have spun every one of these special elections as “the biggest election evah” and proceeded to lose time and time again. Some of your folks are saying your brand is worse than President Trump and so far, yeah it is. There are no moral victories in politics, you either win or you lose. And you folks are losers just as much this year as you were last year.

Can that change? Sure. But you need to drop all this Russia talk. I have heard more Russia talk from Democrats the past year than they uttered in the entire history of the Cold War! You did not lose because of Putin and Russia. No, you lost because you ran a crappy candidate less liked than Donald Trump. You lost because your nominee completely botched her election campaign in epic and unprecedented ways. You should have won but you blew the biggest election layup since 1948 when Governor Thomas E Dewey slacked off on campaigning in the final weeks of his run. What happened to Dewey? He lost to the incumbent President Harry Truman in a stunning upset!

That’s the bottom line and until you own it, you will continue to see what happened in SC-5 and GA-6 happen pretty regularly to you. But enough on you folks for now.

Oh GOP, we need to talk and we will. In the meantime, in the words of those great western philosophers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg “just chill ’til the next episode.”

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